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Coach's Corner: Brick 4 Brunch

Now Sunday was a hard brick workout!

The 7th Annual Brick 4 Brunch was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

A group of 16 Terrapins and Friends were ready to roll

from Gayle's for a fast paced BRICK workout. The weather was

outstanding. The bike group quickly broke into two groups

for the 25 mile ride. I would have said a 25 mile easy ride

but that would have been a lie. A little head wind seemed

to be the one key for the ride. YES!, we had a head wind on

the way out and a head wind on the way back. With a quick

street change the group headed out for a cool and scenic 4

mile run.

The brunch was filled with Amy's Breakfast casserole, Tracy's

Potato casserole, and Lindsey's French Toast casserole. Amy

fried the BACON and others brought fruit and fruit. OH, orange

juice for Mimosas. OK, I am not sure who brought what but

THANK YOU all for the fine BRUNCH!

On behalf of all the Terrapins, THANK YOU Gayle for hosting!!!!!!!

Terrapin Racing was happy to have Chris, Tracy, Adam and Michelle

join us for this fun time.

This is the 10th Terrapin event of 2015. 5 Winter Runs of Fun,

1 Tri Sate Run, 1 Wolfman Duathlon, 2 Terrapin Hash Runs

and 1 Brick 4 Brunch!

Train On,


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