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Winter Run of Fun #1

The first Winter Run of Fun was filled with, as you might

guess, FUN!

Yes, the run was as near perfect as one could want. A group

of 16 came out to share the fine weather and fellowship.

The group was sag supported by Wolfman. Amy had to

skip this run due to illness. The group could have used a second

sag but Wolf made it work. The run pack followed the marks

to get in a fine run of 8 miles.

As all the runners finished the run and came in to the parking lot of RP Tracks the

group began to get on those new white shirts (Thanks Chris and Nick!)

for the team photo. A large group of non-running Terrapin's met up with the group

for the team photo. Just think, if all of these Terrapins would have made the run

how much MORE fun would have occurred.

The photo was taken in front of one our team sponsors, The Peddler Bike Shop.

Wolf, I think everyone would like to see the team photo. After the team

photo, the group filled RP Track's. Much food, drink and fellowship

were shared!

I want to thank everyone for fighting the weather to kick off

the third year of the Winter Runs of Fun!

Train On,


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