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Lindsay Reed


OCCUPATION:  Business Analyst

AGE GROUP:  35-39


  • Triathlon

  • Road cycling

  • Road running

  • Trail running

  • **COMING SOON** Ironman



WHY YOU LOVE BEING A TERRAPIN:  Train hard, party harder


BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Being awesome, kicking ass

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  Boston qualifier, paced the Scary Bonster to 1st overall dog at Fast & Furriest 5k

UPCOMING GOALS:  Ironman Chattanooga


FUN FACTS:  Rubber brakes don’t work below 20 degrees


Bonnie aka Scary Bonster aka BonBon aka Bonnalamadingdong because she thinks running is THE BEST THING EVER and gives me the stink-eye if I don’t take her running

BIGGEST CHALLENGE:  getting out of bed in the morning to swim

MOST MEMORABLE RACE:  First half ironman – Gulf Coast Tri 2008


FAVORITE RIDING ROUTE:  the road to victory

FAVORITE RUNNING ROUTE:  Shelby Farms yellow trail

WHAT YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT MULTISPORT:  can be mediocre at all three sports and still kick ass!

FAVORITE RACE:  Gulf Coast Tri, St. Jude Marathon

FAVORITE GEAR:  Francisco the Pinarello FP3 and Angelina the Trek Speed Concept

COACH:  Tim when he behaves himself

FAV FUEL:  Peanut butter

FAVORITE BEER:  Wiseacre Ananda

FAVORITE POST-ENDURANCE DAY INDULGENCE:  Strawberry cake and/or large pizza and pitcher of beer all to myself

MANTRA:  Me to body, courtesy of Rage Against the Machine:  “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

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